Shout Out: Elizabeth Pierre is balding for dollars

12 years ago, a Whistler guy named Dave Clark decided to shave his head to raise money for kids with cancer.

I put a note in the Whistler Blackcomb employee newsletter, thinking I could rally a few other people to get involved, we could all raise $100.  Then Mike Varrin phoned. He said, “I don’t think we’ve ever met before, but I’ve got this bad ass moustache, and I want to shave your head, and anyone else’s, in the bar.”

And thus, a spring tradition began.

This year, Elizabeth Pierre, her sister Annette Pierre, and her daughters Juniper and Saraphine, will be losing their locks, too.

The 11th annual Whistler Balding for Dollars event happens on Sunday March 31st 3:30pm to 5:30pm at the GLC.

You can support Elizabeth and her crew (Juniper, Saraphine and Annette) at her Superhero Page, here.

Or, get your car washed for the cause, at Big Al’s, Industrial Park in Pemberton, March 30th 11am – 4pm.

This will be my first  year balding for a cause. It will be an adventure to discover the long hidden shape of my noggin – Be there for that, you won’t want to miss it; it promises to be wierd (maybe even wonderful).

My hair is at present 12″ in length and will be going towards wigs for kids once it is cut off, along with 8″ more from a previous hair cut.

I am taking part in this event along with my daughters Juniper Pierre, and Saraphine Pierre, first timers as well; and my sister Annette Pierre, who is doing this for the second year.

Your support of Balding for Dollars is greatly appreciated.

Kukwstumckalap, Thank  you.

Visit my team page Whistler Balding for Dollars
Snapshot_20120921 picpic A picture with the BC Children's van

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