Make Healthier Choices – Virtual Grocery Store!


The Shopping Sense tool – found at  – is a new addition to the Healthy Families BC website. The site provides an experience that mirrors an in-store, dietitian-led tour, helping families plan meals, prepare budgets and develop safe food-handling practices.
“We can’t underestimate the importance of healthy eating,” said Melodie Yong, registered dietitian and the Shopping Sense online host. “Good food fuels us. Choosing wisely in the grocery store is easy with a little preparation and this tool offers that up in a fun and convenient way.”
Evidence shows that physical activity and healthy eating can prevent or delay the onset of chronic diseases that take a huge toll on lives and on our health-care budget—and this pays great dividends for patients and the health-care system. Reducing sodium and sugary drink consumption and increasing fruits and vegetables in family meals are key strategies British Columbians can adopt to promote their good health. (Information provided by Ministry of Health New Release – March 26, 2013)

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