Small things, often. Think snack-time.

My kiddo is a kind of hard to cook dinner for. Basically, white is his favourite flavour. It can be hard to see myself as doing a rip-roaring parenting job while witnessing a meal completely devoid of vegetables. Sometimes I freak out about this. Mostly, I seek refuge in snacks. I figure, as long as I can sneak enough healthy-ish snacks in to the day, a completely white (pasta, again?) dinner won’t kill him.

And, anyway, snacks are fun.

I love everything about snacks, including the word.

When a friend of mine, a health and rehab professional, shared a video tutorial about a glute-strengthening exercise (that I actually was once prescribed, but never did, because it just seemed the equivalent of eating a plate of boiled spinach), he called it an “exercise snack” and demonstrated himself doing it in his apartment’s garden… and I was riveted. I can do exercise snacks!

Diane Zaste then shared this, on the community Gratitude page – and my brain connected some dots and generated: gratitude snacks. Who needs to carve out a mindful hour? Who can? What about grab-and-go gratitude?

Tiny steps, often. It’s like stealth-nutrition, exercise-snacks, and tiny happy things, to help us flourish and stress less.

Think small.

Snacks will save us!

What’s your list of “tiny happy things?”

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