Whistler Writing Society offers 2 scholarships to attend Writer in Residence program

A diverse and resilient world needs diverse storytellers.

Writing often becomes the privileged act of someone who can afford the time to work on a craft… who has time to think, and, as Virgina Woolf famously said, a room of their own and enough income to not be burdened by the hassle of making rent. Which may be why writer’s gatherings lack a degree of diversity. And why the stories we consume have a certain homogeneity. How to tackle that?

The Whistler Writing Society has announced it will offer two scholarships to the Whistler Writer in Residence program to emerging or established writers living in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

The Whistler Writer in Residence (WWR) is an intensive workshop program for writers to work on a specific writing project – getting feedback on their manuscripts from a professional writer-in-residence, through four 1-on-1 sessions and four group lectures.

The program, held at the Alta Lake Artists Cabin in Whistler, takes place during September and October.

Participants submit their manuscripts in August, (up to 20 double spaced pages). The cost of the program is normally $350.

Writers who are Indigenous, Black, racialized, LGBTQI2S*, or living with a disability** are invited to apply for one of two scholarships to attend, by submitting a paragraph about why they’d like to attend the program, and a short description of the writing they’d like to work on.

Submissions open February 15, and the deadline is July 1. Applicants should email Stella Harvey at Writers@WhistlerWritersFest.com to indicate their intention of applying for the Whistler Writer in Residence scholarship.

* The writer publicly self-identifies using one of these terms or a related term from the LGBTQI2S lexicon.
** The writer publicly self-identifies as living with a disability.

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