Literally EVERYONE who’s anyone is going to be pitching in, don’t miss out!

Looking for a way to give back to the environment? Join Stewardship Pemberton Society and a host of other community groups like Pemberton Canoe and Pemberton and District Public Library this Earth Day!

Everyone will be meeting at the One Mile Lake Nature Centre at 10:30 AM on Saturday, April 22 for a community clean-up of One Mile Lake Park.

After the Pemberton Lions Club will be hosting a BBQ at the One Mile Lake Nature Centre.

Stewardship Pemberton would like to thank the Village of Pemberton, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, the Pemberton Rotary, and the Pemberton Lions Club for their support towards this event!

You can visit the One Mile Lake Nature Centre any time during the day – they have the most sensational collection of taxidermied critters, which is a surprisingly (for this vegetarian) fantastic way to get up close and personal with wildlife and marvel at their paw sizes and wing magic. You can also check out their fantastic watershed model, now out of hibernation and taking up residence at the deck of the Nature Centre.

Watersheds come in families;
nested levels of intimacy…
The big river is like your nation
The lake is your cousin
The creek is your sister
The pond is her child
-Michael Parfit

“See the Lillooet River ‘family’ whose banks, tributaries, and flood plains we live on. Let your wild child imagine adventures in its farthest reaches, and the salmon who travel its waters. And give thanks to these rivers and streams.”

Can’t join on the Saturday? There are community clean-ups planned throughout the week that you can attend, or grab a bag, some gloves and the highest visibility gear you can don, and reclaim your local ditch from the pointless garbage people have spent the winter tossing out their car windows (I can only assume. Sigh.)

It is such a joy to honour the landscape that sustains us, by using our wonderfully evolved opposable thumbs and the incredible superpower combination of human imagination, will and community, to roll back some of our impacting ways. We humans don’t have to be at war with the natural world. We are designed, I believe, to be co-creators and allies… we have evolved in concert with each other – our species, and all the others – four-legged, winged, rooted, wild and flowing. We could step back into relationship any time.

What better time than now?

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