Barbed Choir hits the big screen

We are, as the meme goes, in that time of year that once I am in my house, I am not likely to leave again.

But, Barbed Choir is doing Rocketman at the Whistler Public Library on Sunday November 20, 7pm, and it’s been on my calendar for a month now.

Every time I waver in my commitment, I just fire up the song.

And added incentive comes from this lovely video from HCMA’s “The Space Between” series, featuring the Barbed Choir in Whistler, (as well as founder and conductor Jeanette Bruce and members Stewart Blaser and Donna Savage), showcasing the importance of “third spaces” in community – spaces that are not work or home, but allow us to try on other aspects of ourselves, as members of something more than our household/family or workplace.

Barbed Choir is Whistler’s pop-up rock’n’roll choir. Everyone is welcome, no experience or skills required! They meet regularly at the Whistler Public Library and take the occasional road-trip to Pemberton, too.

Watch the video at

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