Everybody likes cherries. Including these birds.

Who likes Cherries ? asks John Tschopp. Not just me. Now I know why most of the fruit on my tree has little peck marks in it.

John’s friend Henk has a cherry tree in front of his house, which has proved very popular with the birds in the neighbourhood. Meet the community.

American Robin. Photo by John Tschopp.

Western Tanager. Photo by John Tschopp.
Cedar Waxing. Photo by John Tschopp.
Chipping Sparrow. Photo by John Tschopp
Spotted Towhee. Photo by John Tschopp

And if you self-identify as a birdie who is a fan of cherries, you can join the Pemberton Fruit Tree project, which had its first cherry pick of the season.

Reported Stewardship Pemberton, “Pemberton Fruit Tree Project’s amazing volunteers were on hand to pick these delicious cherries 🍒. 

We harvest the fruit to help reduce bear attractants from people’s homes. The fruit then makes it way into the community through the Pemberton Food Bank.”

Want to volunteer? Have a tree you need assistance with? Love fruit and your community? To get involved contact: pembyfruittree@gmail.com 

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