Holly Bikadi’s Thank you song

Kukwstum’kacw to Holly Bikadi for permission to share this beautiful creative offering she composed.

She writes, “My Thank you song this song came to me when I started to get better after not being well for a few years. I used plants the creator showed me to heal myself. Thank You Great Creator.”

Imagine if, after something we longed for, took place, we took the time to listen for a song of thanks, to compile a slide show, to sing that song? I am so inspired by this approach… as someone who tends to operate in a constant scarcity-mindset (freelance life, I tell you), racing from one project to the next, this idea of pausing in between, after one thing you longed for came to fruition (through a combination of your own effort, yes, but also all kinds of benevolent aid you don’t know about), to really let gratitude express itself through you. Maybe by writing a note of thanks to someone. Maybe by holding a little ceremony. Maybe by thanking yourself in some way. Maybe by singing a song… A friend recently challenged/invited me to do something to celebrate the completion of our Active Hope Climate Squad, and it’s been something I’ve been sitting. It feels self-indulgent to me, but the more I probe the idea, the more I think, it isn’t. There are many ways I could express my gratitude and celebrate that project – writing notes of thanks to people who were instrumental in making it happen, treating myself to a massage (which helps someone else make their livelihood serving wellness), compiling some photos to acknowledge some of the beings that contributed (including the cottonwood tree I sat under and the hummingbird that kept showing up…)

So, thanks Holly, for leading the way and sharing your song.

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