Choose local: Chamber spotlights Valley Chainsaw

Valley Chainsaw is a bit of a local icon. It’s changing hands this year, so the Chamber’s “meet the members” spotlight welcomes new owner Pat Skinner, while celebrating Al Bush. This profile is part of an ongoing series that Chamber initiated during their Love Pemberton, Buy Local initiative. Follow them on Facebook at or on instagram at

This “Monday Meet the Members” is a special one, as we say thank you to Albert Bush for 42 years of business in Pemberton and welcome Pat Skinner (photo 2) — the official new owner of Valley Chainsaw & Recreation. 
Albee cares about what he eats, doesn’t drink. His only health compromise was putting in long days to grow @valleychainsaw to become the go-to spot for farmers, snowmobilers, loggers, locals looking for everything from power saws, ATV’s to drain snakes. 

Albee started selling #skidoos and power saws because he saw the need in our corridor and it is an understatement to say a lot has changed — logging had its heyday but who would have ever imagined snowmobilers would take freestyle to the next level, inspiring years of Sledneck movies and X-Games competitions. Around twenty-five years ago, snowboarders/skiers also started venturing into the backcountry to access lines and build backcountry booters. Albert’s mind is blown at how many skiers/snowboarders he now sees on the Hurley, especially in the past four years.

Albee is staying on for a transition period, so pop in, reminisce about growing up in Pemberton, laugh at all his quick wit and jokes which usually consist of him making fun of you, and see if he is still gives every new sled owner the rundown of their sled, with his infamous instructions of, “Never lend your sled out.” 

“Never lend your sled out” was an ongoing theme, even to his kids. His daughter Tasha and son-in-law Adam would always tease Albert, asking when he going to put a sled under their Christmas tree (Adam did get a power saw one year). In true Albee style, after two decades of never selling a sled to his son-in-law, the last sled he sold was to Adam. He called his daughter Tasha, saying, “I sold Adam a sled today. Oh, and I just sold the shop.”
On the rare occasion when Albee wasn’t working, he can be found with Stihl (his Weimaraner dog), partner Tanya, or at his remote cabin near the Bridge River Valley. He has set up hunting cameras on his property where he recognizes the grizzlies — six of them can often be spotted playing and rolling around his fire pit. 
Here’s to retirement, Albee. Welcome Pat! 
📷: @anastasiachomlack

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