Do your best. It’s all good.

I recently revisited this piece of a podcast conversation between Russell Brand and Brene Brown, about what it means to be in your integrity, and the way being compassionate requires being boundaries.

Part of the conversation centres around whether or not we can hold the belief that people are doing the best they can.

What if we gifted ourselves this re-frame, and moved from “good enough”, to “good”? Prompted by the instagram account, @kidseatincolor, from dietician Jennifer Anderson, who just strikes me as being wonderfully kind (which most of us need, right?), I have been thinking about this idea of “doing my best” as being simply that. My best. As I am right now. In my current circumstances. Not “not quite good enough” or “hopefully good enough”, but good. Take the enough out of the equation because it implies a bar, or a standard, that should be being met. It enfolds comparison and competition and scarcity, automatically, into everything. But I’m not in a competition with anyone, to live my love. No-one else is working with the particular material or circumstances of my life. I am also singularly unequipped to judge whether or not anyone else is falling short… falling short of what?

I’m doing a good job.

Wow. It’s weird how hard it is to type that. And just let it stand. Unequivocally.

Worth practicing, you know? Try it. Try offering that as genuinely as you can to yourself.

As a wise friend said last year, none of us have ever pandemicked before. Let’s all cut ourselves and each other a little slack.

You’re doing a good job.

I’m doing a good job.

It’s the best I’ve got right now.

And that’s more than enough.

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