Building Inclusive Communities: talks on racism, immigration, and welcoming people “home”

Here’s something to put on your calendar as 2022 gets underway… it’s a chance to be the change you want to see in the world, and explore the question: how do we make this place feel like home? (because, if you make the effort to make it feel like home for someone else, a funny thing happens… it starts to feel more like home for you.)

Come together with a panel of community members at a series of four events to talk about building inclusive communities in the Sea to Sky and Sunshine Coast. This event developed from an idea to explore and share the experiences of immigrants and newcomers in our communities through meaningful conversations. However, these topics affect more people than just immigrants and newcomers.

Canadians from all racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds in the Sea to Sky and Sunshine Coast are invited to participate in these conversations.

Register now and read more here:

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