Zero Waste tip from Line Gillespie: connect your health with the health of the planet

Thanks to Line Gillespie for sharing this tip on living a Zero Waste lifestyle. Check out Grounded Groceries in Squamish! (Anyone else got great sources for buying naked or uppackaged groceries?)

I now shop for my dried goods at Grounded groceries in Squamish. No garbage packaging  waste. I buy only veggies and fruits not in bags. It’s pretty easy to cut your plastic/garbage waste by 80%. Bring your own small bags if you feel a need to bag stuff. 

Every time you buy something keep the planet in mind.  Think of the resources needed to produce the packaging. I guarantee you will be healthier for it.

I also look for second hand before I purchase anything and only buy when it is absolutely necessary.

Cheers and happy eating!

Line Gillespie

“I did a grocery shop today at ‘Grounded’ in squamish and bought dried beans, chick peas, pasta, different cooking oils, vegan crab cakes, perogies, and veggie burgers. I also buy my hair and dish soap from them. Adam’s peanut butter jars work great.” ~ Line Gillepsie

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