Zero Waste quick tip, from Amelie Legare: keep your scraps

Five minutes after I asked people to share their Zero Waste tips, my email pinged with an offering from local mama, foodie and award-winning art director, Amelie Legare. Amelie has won a copy of the Zero Waste Chef book and a reusable bag courtesy of the SLRD!

My best waste prevention tip is collecting all of the ugly carrot bits, underestimated celery leaves, onions outter skins and parm crust (yes, parm crust!) in a dedicated bag in the freezer so that whenever I roast a chicken, I can broil the bones and toss the content of the freezer bag into a pot of boiling water (with a few dehydrated herbs from the garden) to quickly make the yummiest chicken stock. 

Then, I can on a whim cook seasonal veg in the stock, Vitamix it up and voila! A delicious meal for pennies, using many items that would usually ended up in the trash!

Amelie Legare

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