Share a Zero-Waste tip, recipe or hack and WIN your own copy of the Zero Waste Chef book!

The Zero Waste Chef probably spends a lot of time singing to the choir… I imagine a lot of her followers already are fans of the idea of generating less waste and eliminating plastic from their lives and waste-streams. She (aka Anne-Marie Bonneau), cookbook author, fermenter, sourdougher, zero waster has a lot of practical tips for those wanting to green up their act.

But what I love about her is her position that we’re not looking for heroes. We’re looking to build the momentum among regular, time-addled, earth-loving but not necessarily kitchen-time-loving folk, to have more fun, and create less waste doing it. As she says:  we don’t need four more people to do zero waste living perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.

Progress, not perfection, my friends. Altogether now.

So if perfectionism has been holding you back, (and also a sneaking sense that your hard work might be undone by one selfish doofus who takes up way more than his fair share of planetary space), I would say: follow your curiosity and creativity… it’s far more generative, than following your outrage.

Are there things you can do that will make your kids more interested in cooking or eating food? Yes. Are there ways you can reduce the frequency of your trips to the waste transfer station? Are there simple hacks you can adopt to generally make your life feel lighter? YES!

We have a brand new copy of The Zero Waste Chef: Plant-forward Recipes and Tips for a Sustainable Kitchen and Planet to GIVE AWAY, so you can discover more!

It’s a great handbook for someone just starting to think about how to change their kitchen habits, AND it’s a killer resource for those wanting to know what to do with all the excess sourdough starter, or if fermenting really will change your life, alongside your gut microbiome.

All you have to do, to be eligible to win your own copy of the book, is share one zero-waste tip or hack or recipe, with a captioned photo (or video!).

We’ll post a series of them on the Wellness Almanac, and all entries will be entered to win the book. Enter multiple times – for every suggestion or tip you share, you’ll get another entry. Please attach your name and contact info (and also let us know if you’re happy being identified as the contributor of the tip, or if you’d rather remain anonymous.)

Enter by emailing with your tip, or post it on Facebook and tag @TheWellnessAlmanac. Entries are due July 23, so keep ’em coming, and we’ll announce the winner on July 30.

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