Don’t reach so high… little steps towards Zero Waste

Thanks to Vanessa LaFontaine at the SLRD for sharing waste reduction tips as part of this week’s Zero Waste focus… For more, follow the Zero in on Waste SLRD Facebook page, where she constantly shares inspiration and ideas.

“If zero waste is intimidating to you, if it sounds like more a chore, start with achievable goals, like composting your kitchen scraps and recycling to the best of your abilities. Read up on it. Consider scrolling through the Recycle BC Facebook page. The list of accepted items may surprise you by being more comprehensive than you thought. Items that always take people by surprise are plastic netting bags for produce, all those crinkly wrappers (think cheese blocks, granola bars, chips bag, etc.) and empty aerosol cans! Paper & Packaging is only one of the many Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs in British Columbia. EPRs manage and ensure products are recycled at the end of their life. The recycling system may not be perfect but it must be a collective effort where everyone helps better the current framework. Your trust and participation in these programs will drive the creation of more sustainable and local end markets.

When you start feeling more confident with these first steps, consider supporting products that “design out waste”. If we want to live in a world with circular economy as a core concept, we need to support the businesses currently exercising it.”


  1. Reduce food waste by storing it wisely! Food Storage A to Z – Love Food Hate Waste Canada
  2. Compost your kitchen scraps, recycle those nutrients! Don’t use a bag, line it with pages from that Pique you already read. Composting guide – 
  3. Not sure if that is recyclable? There are apps for that! –

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