Who are the Bad Guys in your garden? Free workshop June 3

There are good weeds and not so good weeds, I am learning, as I discover the medicinal values of things like dandelion and chickweed. Others are problematic, and gardeners can help ensure that invasives (often sold to us at major big box stores and garden centres) don’t get a toehold in our soils.

On June 3rd, local groups are coming together to share how to deal with plants that shouldn’t be here, why they’re considered the bad guys in the garden, and how to properly get rid of them. There’ll be a presentation, with lots of time for questions, so if you’ve been looking for a support group for the weeds in your life, come join us!

To register please either fill out form found at this link for the Pemberton Multicultural Network, or email Belinda at pembyfruittree@gmail.com

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