Local tiny house featured

Could you have done the last year of COVID restrictions in a 200 square foot tiny house? Zach and Leala have, and they’re stoked about it. As we talk about affordable housing this week (the Village of Pemberton invites your thoughts on how to make housing in Pemberton more affordable with a survey open until Feb 17), it’s good to think about what that could look like… Take the tour here with Exploring Alternatives, about how a great young couple who didn’t have a big nest-egg to launch them, could create a space for themselves, pay cheque to pay cheque, and in a way that makes them super proud of all the love they’ve poured into the walls around them. It even has laundry AND a bathtub.

Zach & Leala designed this unique and beautiful 24-foot long tiny house and built it from paycheque to paycheque, as well as with gifts of time and materials from family and friends. Their dream tiny house has an efficient u-shaped kitchen, a living room with a real couch and loads of storage, a bathroom with a clawfoot tub and a combo washer-dryer, a private loft sleeping space, an open-concept tv lounge loft, and a storage staircase that makes the bed accessible for their two dogs! You can follow Zach & Leala on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/bigheartsti… https://www.instagram.com/theplayfulm… The 200 square foot tiny home on wheels is sitting on a 4-foot tall platform because it’s currently parked in a floodplain. The deck gives them loads of extra outdoor living space and it’s nicely shaded with a large sloping metal overhang. The house is plugged onto the grid for electricity and water, and they also have propane for their stove and water heater. It cost them approximately $40,000 CAD to build the house, including the appliances but not including the deck and the overhang.

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