Virtual workshop on the Impact of Cascading Natural Disasters, Dec 2 and 3

So, the single-most viewed Wellness Almanac post of 2020 was scribed by Veronica Woodruff, and shared in late September, as we experienced our first atmospheric river. It explained the history of this flood plain we inhabit, and how the river’s capacity to absorb run-off and big rainfall has been altered by the Meager mudslide. Veronica’s facility for reading dense reports and complicated scientific data and parsing it into approachable, but informative, powerpoints and blog posts, is such a gift to this community.

Now, she’s preparing two virtual workshops, in collaboration with Centre for Natural Hazard Risk at SFU, about natural hazard risk.

Watch for another guest post tomorrow, explaining more about it.

The S2S North workshop is focused on SLRD Area C, Lilwat Nation, and Pemberton.

The S2S South is focused on Whistler, Squamish Nation, District of Squamish and SLRD Area D.

Everyone is welcome. There will be expert presentations and an opportunity to participate in dialogue about preparedness and planning.

Please contact Veronica Woodruff at for more information.

In the meantime, please take the survey!

It will take 10 minutes, and will help inform a regional research project to discover the level of community understanding and preparedness for natural hazard risk events such as flood, forest fire and landslides. This research project includes survey, a workshop and targeted interviews. The results will be used to inform future research priorities and to support community emergency managers in planning for future events. 

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