Sighted: Rough Legged hawk

Linda Welsh captured these amazing photos of her morning visitor, November 10, a Rough Legged Hawk, perching above the bird feeders, where the smaller birds were seeking refuge from his appetite.

Rough Legged Hawk. Photo by Linds Welsh

All About Birds from The Cornell Lab shares that: “The Rough-legged Hawk spends the summer capturing lemmings on the arctic tundra, tending a cliffside nest under a sun that never sets. Winter is the time to see this large, open-country hawk in southern Canada and the U.S., where it may be perched on a pole or hovering over a marsh or pasture on the hunt for small rodents. Found globally across northern latitudes, this species occurs in both light and dark forms.

Rough Legged Hawk. Photo by Linda Welsh.

According to the Pemberton Wildlife Association’s list of Pemberton Birds (download it here:, the Rough Legged Hawk is a seasonal visitor.

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