What might you learn from a Sharing Circle about being a better communicator, conversationalist, friend?

How do I be less racist, in my every day reality?

It’s a question that has surged to the forefront this year, and has left many people feeling uneasy and uncertain and, in some instances, unsure what they’re allowed to say. Instead of opening up dialogue, some of the media framing of these issues, shuts it down, leaves people feeling as if they have to keep their thoughts to themselves, for fear of sounding racist or saying something offensive… and that leaves a lot of learning undone.

Others have seen it as an invitation to learn.

We want to help, if you feel called in that direction, but aren’t sure where to begin. Or if you’ve made some steps, but have lost momentum, or aren’t sure if what you’re learning is the most relevant to your life, here, in this every day reality.

The Wellness Almanac is really pleased to be partnering with the Pemberton and District Library to present a series of free online sharing circles, with Lil’wat educator Tanina Williams, to create that safe learning space for us to grow more connected – with indigenous ways of knowing, with community, with hard things, with each other, and with ourselves.

Save the date – we’re kicking things off on Monday, October 26, at 8pm.

Here are the key details. Please share with friends and colleagues.

  • The Pemberton and District Public Library and the Wellness Almanac will present free monthly Sharing Circles, with the first on Monday, October 26, 8pm – 9pm
  • We will gather with the intention of lifting each other up.
  • The goal of these sharing circles is to explore how we can connect better, and what possibilities open up when we explore indigenous ways of knowing.
  • The circles will take place via Zoom. To register and receive the Zoom access information, please email the Pemberton and District Library with your RSVP.

The first online gathering will explore the technology of the sharing circle, itself, and would be of particular use to anyone who wants to have more fulfilling conversations or interactions, be a better host or facilitator or moderator, who works with diverse groups, who wants to decolonize their workplace, Board or institution, or is curious about gathering with intention and creating safe spaces. 

Each following gathering, until the end of the year, will be open to anyone, even those who haven’t been before. Tanina will review the sharing circle protocols at the beginning of each gathering.

We’re really excited to invite you into this shared space, where we can help each other be more at ease with feeling uncomfortable, so that we can grow.

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