The Lil’wat Lands and Resources Department is holding a story contest! Share a favourite memory of the land, by Sept 23

“Pal7míntwal i ucwalmícwa múta7 ti tmicw”

The Land and People are together as one.

We would love to hear your favourite memory of

using our land in a traditional way,

as well as stories and legends about Líl̓wat7ul practicing

our traditions on the land in Líl̓wat territory.

Share your story and win a t-shirt that contains carbon-dated sites of our registered archaeological sites!

Submit your story to by Wednesday, September 23rd

Your story will be posted on Lil’wat Nation’s facebook page

and voted on by community members.

The winner will be announced on Monday, September 28th!

** Thank you to Lil’wat Retail Operations for inspiring this contest.

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