Vote before midnight for your favourite SÁSQ’ATS “Sasquatch” Lil’wat Stories

Lil’wat Retail Operations is running a cool contest – check it out and vote via their Facebook page, here. 


*Voting ends: Midnight tonight! Thurs Aug 13th*

If you don’t get a chance to cast your vote, you can still read these awesome SÁSQ’ATS  stories / encounters.

1. A long time ago the creator made the earth, the stars, the sun, and the moon. Then he created the birds, animals, the little people, and the sásq’ats. But he seen the birds, animals, little people and the sásq’ats, and he wanted to create another type of two legged people. The creator told his children about his desire to create this new being and they held council and decided that it was a good idea. But the bears walked up to the creator on his hind legs; as that was how they walked in the beginning, they asked to be four legged beings so there won’t be too many two legged beings. The creator seen it was good and so it was. Then the little people and the sásq’ats walked up to the creator and asked if they could become spiritual beings so these new people couldn’t see them all the time. The creator seen it was good and so it was. So the creator brought these new people into being and it was good; and from then on the bear has walked on their four legs, but reminds us they used to be two legged. And the sásq’ats and little people have remained unseen, mostly, by the new people, reminding us of our spiritual beginnings. – this is a creation story told by our people.

2. One hot summer night we sat on back porch laugh having fun then wind stop it got very quite I said eekna that scary no sound no breeze was kind of a bright type of dark the all of a sudden there was 3 noises like some one hitting a tree we laughed few minutes late we could hear something big crashing through trees can hear branches busting not crackling busting very loudly then 3 faint hitting of tree then dead quite again too quite we came in I turn tv loud so I couldn’t hear any more knocking or busting of branches true story

3. 2010 environment checking contaminated sites 72 km East side … Dry mud Pasit came across a Sasquatch right foot. we seen the bedding under the old creosote bridge that’s now taken away picture are with the company. When first walked by the Sasquatch footprint. In my mind .. was saying. It’s not a bear or cougar print. Do Pasit walked back an called my boss (teranis environment company 2010 )) to come look he took pictures . That’s how the story began

4. We were drumming at Martina’s during a full moon within the past few years when we could hear other people drumming and singing around us as well. In the pasture, and up the hill across the river. That was an interesting eerie night. My camera never freezes, and it froze that night. As soon as I got home, it started working again. We were thinking Sasquatch, etc.

5. When my stepmom was still with us at the garden trailer I was living with her in mid to late October, it was late evening and we were doing late night things to get ready for sleep, all of a sudden we heard the dogs yelping and barking so I went to look out the door they were crowding the door and pushing their way in, i slammed the door shut and locked us all in and ran and shut the inner door also while i did this my nephews son Harlen looked out the window and saw a huge man walking through the driveway and yard, he said it took maybe 5 steps to get through, that night we covered all the windows and the dogs were staying in too the next morning we went out to look and the ground had just froze the day before so we did not see any footprints but i can say when I was at the door there was such a stink that I couldn’t handle.

6. So one time me. My brother n 2 of my uncles n one buddy were pine mushrooming up behind the new site houses. We stopped to have lunch together sitting side by side we encountered some he worst smell any of us had smelled. As we were eating a rock about volleyball size flew over us. We quickly packed up our bags. Started to book it out from where we were

7. I was picking xusum with my 2 aunties and uncle up the Hurley and I was on a hill by myself and didn’t know it. I looked down at my truck and there were my aunties and my uncle emptying their umbrellas and I started to hear knocks and whistles behind me. If I were to guess I would have to say at first their were 2 of them communicating with each other and they were getting closer to me. So I started to make my way back down the hill and to my truck so we could leave and let them have the xusum. It took me a while to go back to the place but this year I did. I wasn’t brave enough to look back but I know that it was at least 2 Sasquatch behind me.

8. We were sitting out back at my friends house .. bonfire for her bday all was good then the dogs started barking into the woods then it got dead silent then we heard this wild howl screech nothing you ever heard before . The dove ran back to the house jumped over all of us and Ran Into the house ! .. we heard one more howl screech then we all got up and ran through the house and down to My (then ) boyfriends house down the street . All of us ! … we get to our place and wonder if anyone closed any doors . made the guys go back and check . we heard it howl one more time but seemed far away … we were on Xroad but heard the final howl wayyyy over by the townhouse creek ! was a wicked night . we never saw it but Definitely heard it.

9. I was only about 10 years old. I lived up the new site on Blackbear Rd. I was only ever allowed out til just before dark but my friend had to go to Creekside road. back then Xet’olacw school road didnt have a street light. My friend asked me if I can walk her to Creekside. because she was scared to walk alone. me being a good friend I said yes. We leave the park and at the end of the school round about going down towards Creekside. on the right side when there was no housing there. we hear LOTS of branches breaking and leafs falling. We both stop. We both look to the right into the trees. We seen this HUGE sasquatch it was as tall as the trees. we can see its hairy head to toe. it was growling. We both scream. I said what the f×ck is that?! The sasquatch roars and screams. We start running down the road holding hands. The sasquatch is still in the trees beside us running with us screaming and growling like crazy. I had goose bumps all over my body. Hearing it and feeling its feet hit the ground beside us. We didn’t stop running til we made it to her destination. The scary part was I had to walk back home through Xet’olacw school road ALONE. when I approached the road. I ran up hill all the way to my house on Blackbear Rd. Me and My Friend never spoke of the incident. Never walked down to Creekside as a child or teen ever again


If these stories make you curious about sasquatch, check out Kenneth Oppel’s book The Boundless. We listened to it on audio book while road-tripping this summer and it was gripping. The tales of sasquatch encounters by those laying tracks in the 1880s for the CPR rail pull you in… 

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