Meditate with Susan Reifer, via zoom, from the comfort of your living room, Tuesday July 28 7pm

Two free meditation sessions with local teacher Susan Reifer are on offer, Tuesday July 28and Wednesday August 12, at 7pm.

I’ve been practicing meditation with Susan, in this zoom-connected fashion, throughout the pandemic, and have found it to be absolutely wonderful. She’s an experienced and kind teacher, caters to all levels (including novices). 

All you have to do is register in advance via the Whistler Public Library and download zoom to your computer.

It’s 100% free to attend and you don’t need to go anywhere. You can do it in your pjs!

You don’t need to be enlightened, you don’t need to have fancy beads or a fancy cushion, you don’t need to feel intimidated!


It couldn’t be easier to give your brain, your nervous system, and your body, a dose of love.

Classes are 45 minutes long, live and interactive, not recorded for playback, held on Zoom, geared for adults across a broad spectrum of meditation experience (from newbies to seasoned practitioners) and 100% free to attend.

Register by emailing Program Coordinator, Jeanette Bruce, at to sign up. This is the only way to get the Zoom link for the meeting!


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