The season of swallows

While many of us have been freaking out about the insane population of mosquitoes to hit the valley this summer, John Tschopp wants to focus our attention on another surging population that is more joy-inducing! The swallows.

SW 2020 009

This week, he shared:

“Today I have the pleasure to report a success story. Most bird stories on the news these days tell us of shrinking numbers and loss of habitat. Today I can talk about the Swallows in our valley. This is not a commercial ad for my nest boxes.

Nest Boxes

Over the last few years the number of installed boxes increased to about 35 between Miller creek and Erickson road. These boxes are very desirable housing for mainly Tree Swallows as well as Violet -Green and some Cliff Swallows. The plentiful bugs helped for excellent breeding results. As summer progresses, the swallow families start meeting in certain locations, where numbers may go up to 200 birds. They socialize before the trip South in fall.

Even old-timers of the valley are surprise about the many Swallows.

Stay safe. Birding on your own is virus free.”


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