Plaintain for mosquito bites

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Plantain on a bad mosquito bite

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When I realized the medicine that was in plaintain, I stopped seeing her as a weed, and starting appreciating the magic that was on offer, all around me. Currently, I have a piece of plaintain wrapped around my toe, like a band-aid, to draw out a rose thorn I stepped on. I’ve rubbed it on my kid’s itchy bites, I’ve put it in smoothies, you can even make flour from the seeds.

Thank you, Holly Bikadi, for this video that shows how simple it is to reduce the itch of a mosquito bite.

3 thoughts on “Plaintain for mosquito bites

  1. Lisa Severn says:

    Mmm… Plantain. My mom’s mom would harvest the stems when the buds were tender and tight, steam them and smother them in melted butter and vinegar. I’m a little skittish about eating them around here with so many dogs on the loose. But, I think about her post-hike snacks all the time.

    • Lisa Richardson says:

      oh, wow… I have an abundance in my yard, and no dogs… will attempt to perfect this and then host you to a weed dinner.

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