A solstice ritual for weaving a new story

This landed in my in-box and created such a lovely opening in my day, in my thinking, in my heart, that I wanted to share it.

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Solstice Ritual for Changing our fate

For our ancestors the summer solstice was a profound moment of community re-weaving, celebration and ritual. As the longest day of the year, the summer solstice is a time when the light is able to reach into all corners of our consciousness, illuminating the shadows and preparing the way for new light.

This year the solstice falls on an annular solar eclipse— the potential to invoke a shift for our personal timelines, and the world’s future, is profound. No matter where you are in the world, you can enact this ritual as a way to claim the timeline you most wish to see unfurl, for both yourself and the planet as a whole.

To do this ritual you will need two pieces of string or strips of fabric to make twine. (If you know how to make natural cordage you can use natural fibers as well). Full directions are below.


:: Ritual ::

1. Gather up your string, fabric or natural fiber and go find a quiet place where you can sit in the sun.

2. Take three deep breaths, then look around you at all the places the sunlight is touching. Notice the contours of your room, or the landscape you are in— how is the sun interacting with these places?

3. Take three more deep breaths and then turn your attention within. Imagine that the sun’s light can reach into any area of your body that needs a bit of warmth, love or light.  As you allow the sun’s warmth into you, notice if any uncomfortable feelings you’ve been holding want to come up. Notice if feelings such as shame, grief, anger, fear, anxiety, helplessness want to come up. Just let them arise and give them to the light.

4. While you are resting in the light, see if you can take on the role of the neutral observer. Ask yourself… what am I believing and/or telling myself about myself, others, or the world, that might be deepening these feelings?

Try formulating this  belief into a sentence. For example, “I feel grief because there is so much pain in the world and it’s so big I don’t know if it can ever be healed.” After you put this belief into words, notice how your body responds when you say it. Do you constrict or expand? Do you feel heavy or light? Where do you feel this in your body?

5. Now, use your imagination to try and flip this sentence around, like using a film negative to expose an image. For example : “I feel grief because there is so much joy in the world that we aren’t currently able to experience. The pain is big, but the joy is bigger. I know we can heal.” Try on a few different flips until one “lands” inside your body. Look for a sensation of settling inside of you. How does it manifest in your body? Can you feel any sense of relaxation or lightness?

6. Taking two strings in your hands, focus now on the future you want to call into being for both yourself and the planet. With two hands, twine these two pieces of string together to make a new cord. The process is very simple, and meditative once you get the hang of it. (If you prefer, can also choose to make natural cordage from materials on-site, a simple braid with three strands or a more ornate friendship bracelet ).

As you twine these strings together, use all your senses to imagine this future. In this new future what would you be looking at? How would you feel in your body? What would you be tasting? How would the world smell? What would the land look like where you live? How would people treat each other? As you twine, imagine every detail.

7. When you are finished you can either leave your twined string somewhere in nature as an offering or wrap it as a bracelet around your wrist or ankle as a reminder. Every time you see this braid in the coming weeks take time to remember your visions and know that when the cord finally disappears, or slips from your body, this intention to jump timelines is being made manifest.

waeving by asia suyler

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