Feel it to heal it. Emotion needs motion

Bettina Rothe, who is a coach and an instructor in movement medicine, 5 Rythyms, shared:

“Emotions are connected with movement. We need to move the emotion.”

Dance, walk it off, shake it off, do yoga, exercise, move it into creativity.

“Whenever we successfully move an emotion through, we have a sense of clarity and freedom, much like the way it feels after a big storm passes.”

My recent experiences with emotions showing up have suggested to me that I don’t have to really DO anything. (Clear away the breakables, maybe.) I just give it permission to come through. I don’t schedule 30 minutes for a yoga practice, or add anything to my to-do list… I just opened the door and said, “oh, hi there sorrow, confusions, frustration, sadness. Yeah, as a matter of fact, tea is on. Come on through.”

I love when cracking open a word cracks open something bigger. Emotion, shared Bettina, is from the old French emouvoir meaning “stir up”, from Latin, emovere, meaning “move out, remove, agitate.”


Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 2.29.42 PM

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