Take the BC survey

On Tuesday, this online survey was launched, with an invitation for people in BC to share their experience – in fruit-eating, soft-drink binging, mental health, income affects, visiting, illness – via online survey.
By the time Adrian Dix and Dr Bonnie Henry has finished the press conference and walked back to the legislature buildings, thousands of people had already filled it out, leaving Minister Dix to determine, “People want to do the right thing and overwhelmingly they are and I feel very proud of the people of BC.”
By Thursday morning, 165,000 had filled it out.
The survey will be inviting your input until May 31.
All this information will help our leaders navigate what is to come.
B.C. has flattened the curve and we are preparing to carefully re-start services, the economy and our lives. Your input is important as we develop our action plans.

Tell us about your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic

Public health and government leaders have made significant decisions impacting every aspect of our lives in recent weeks.  We want to hear from you as we plan to ease restrictions while keeping our citizens safe, especially those most vulnerable.

Your story, our future

BC COVID-19 SPEAK: Your story, our future is a population health survey to elicit citizen experience, knowledge and actions during the COVID-19 pandemic. This survey is the first of several activities that will strengthen our pandemic response and our understanding of the impacts of COVID-19 to date (social, economic, mental wellness and community wellness).



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