What if a forced pause is not punishment, but a beautiful opportunity to just stop and notice

I would like to go for a walk with Connie Sobchak right now. That’s what I have realized, as I scroll through Facebook. So I’m noting it down as a thing to do, when the current contractions release a little bit. I think it might be helpful for me to start a list, of things my soul longs for… so that I don’t simply fall back into old habits of rush rush rushing, when the door is opened again. If I don’t articulate and hold space for those truer things, the opportunity will be lost again.

What if you start a list like that…? What would it look like? What would be on it?

These images are the reason. I love the way Connie’s deep attunement with this place, the flowers, the birds, helps her see details, that I might otherwise miss. Also: she knows the names of things.

Thanks for the permission to share these photos from Monday May 11 2020, Connie, of what happens when you get up close and personal with the patch of Earth we’re “trapped” in right now.


Silky Phacelia. Photo by Connie Sobchak


Bracken fern and a stick it favours. Photo courtesy Connie Sobchak


Pentsemon. Photo by Connie Sobchak


Falsebox/mountain boxwood. Photo by Connie Sobchak



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