One Mile Lake Citizen Science Workshop – Sunday Dec 8, 9am – noon

No one is coming to rescue us. No one is coming to fix things. No one is coming to clean up our messes. Why shouldn’t we be the stewards, the problem solvers, the citizen scientists? A consumerist society wants to disempower people, so the only thing we can ever think of to do, in order to engage with the world, is to order something online, to buy it, to eat it… But once, before the model of endless growth was in charge, the world depended on a network of relationships, trades and transactions that didn’t involve credit cards or cash… but effort, energy, attention, gestures, love. That’s something I want to cultivate in my life, and in the world around me.

Next Sunday, Stewardship Pemberton offers a cool opportunity, to step into this different frame of being – with a free Citizen Science workshop.


If you love water, puddles, bugs and fish, walking around in rubber boots, lifting up rocks to see what’s underneath, if you want to be an ally for beautiful things, or know how to be more hands-on, or if you’re just curious, this could be the morning for you.

If this is your backyard, your favourite trail or dog walk, then grab this opportunity to pass through an environment with more open eyes and a different sense of “ownership”, that which comes from taking responsibility for the health of the place -not single-handedly, but as part of a network of stewards and observers and tenders. As a community.

A free three hour workshop, it’s a chance to dive into the history of One Mile Lake and learn how you can help this important ecosystem.

The workshop requires light hiking and will include hands-on learning in water quality and salmon spawning assessment techniques including; secchi-disk training, water quality sampling techniques, Pemberton Creek salmon spawner counting and more!

REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Please register by e-mailing, or click the link to register online. 

** Please note that, due to the nature of this workshop and the equipment that will be used, attendees must be 9 years or older. Children aged 9-11 must be accompanied by an adult.


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