Resolution check-in

screen shot 2019-01-28 at 9.00.11 am

The year is old enough that you might finally be writing the correct date on things (2019?!? WTF! Almost March?!?!), which makes it apt, and a little unkind, to say, “how are those resolutions going?”

Actually, the question is just an excuse to share this wonderful comic from the Awkward Yeti, via Stay Wild. Some of the stuff we carry around, the exhausting stuff, might be better left at the bottom of the hill, no? Like, what would happen if we dared to just put it down and continue on our way?

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. ~ Simone Weil

This wonderful insight from Simone Weil (as brought to me by Maria Popover’s Brainpickings) has been slow-working its way into my brain grooves since I first read it, and I adopted it for this year, when I pondered “any resolutions?”

We have to try to cure our faults by attention and not by will. The will only controls a few movements of a few muscles. What could be more stupid than to tighten up our muscles and set our jaws about virtue, or poetry, or the solution of a problem. Attention is something quite different.

There’s much I would like to adopt and adapt into my life, many items on my wishlist, my to-do list, but instead of approaching them with gritted teeth and resolve, I gave myself the opportunity this year to approach them with curiosity and attention. It’s still too early to tell how effective this is, as a strategy, in terms of “what gets accomplished”, but I sure as heck feel lighter.


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