Natalie Livermore steps into the spotlight with this week’s instagram takeover

Natalie Livermore is not the first person I’ve approached with an invitation to takeover the instagram account at, who has confessed that that is a deeply intimidating prospect.

And then she said yes.

 being in this spotlight is a little scary…so I figured if it scares me I should probably try it out!

I am immensely grateful to people who are willing to lean into that discomfort and accept the invitation. (Also, to all those who hedge and sit with the idea and start to scurry away when they see me coming, it’s all good! I get it! in good time! Don’t run away!)

I am grateful partly because once they say yes, they stop avoiding me. Also, because it’s always inspiring to see someone say (deep breath) yes, okay, to anything that challenges them. And partly, because I truly truly believe that a resilient community grows from members who are willing to allow themselves (in all their complexities and vulnerabilities and facets) to be seen. It gives us all permission to be all-that-we-are, not just the shiny, best-foot-forward, for-public-consumption bits. And wow, if we can grow a critical mass of that, if it’s not just one person, but more and more of us, what a supportive, strong and freeing place to live…

Natalie is part of my new kindergarten community… but she’s also an artist and a scientist, which I find a fascinating combination, so I’m excited to get to know her, and her perspective, better.

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