Waste not, want not

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Canadians throw out 2,400,000 potatoes every day!!!

As a proud Spud Valley resident, this strikes me as sacrilege.

But that’s what the Love Food, Hate Waste Canada team shared. They suggest it might be because people store their potatoes with their onions. BAD MOVE! Onions will cause potatoes to sprout.

Keep your spuds in the dark, in a dry space, in a ventilated bag (mesh, paper, burlap or perforated plastic). Away from the onions.

Potatoes don’t freeze well, although my zip-lock baggies of leftover Thanksgiving mashed potatoes are scrumptious when I pull them out and fry up.

The peels are nutritious – you don’t have to peel your spuds, especially if they’re local.

You can also use potato cooking water to add flavour to yeast breads, if you’re a serious food ninja, and are baking bread and boiling potatoes at the same time.

You can also use a potato to rescue an over-salted soup. Cut one into slices, add to the pot, simmer for 5-10 minutes and remove it. It will have absorbed some of the salt and saved your bacon.

If a potato has turned green, then ditch it. But you can pare away bruises or sprouts

Storing food properly – i.e. understanding that each item is a unique little character with its own personality, could go a long way to reducing the amount of food that goes to waste, before it should.

Check out this cool resource featuring different produce items, and develop for Food Ninja skills, from which we’ve extracted this info. Let’s discover one new produce item a week, think like a grandma, and waste less.

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