Scale up. Speed up. But don’t give up.

The David Suzuki Foundation appreciated this article from the British writer Rebecca Solnit so much that the CEO emailed it out to All Staff on the weekend, urging them to remember “we don’t have the luxury of hopelessness and fear in response to scientific studies, climate releases and steady stream of depressing news.”

Rebecca Solnit has become the go-to voice for those questioning the usefulness of hope in the face of doom, disaster, Trump, climate change etc.

She delivers again.

I especially loved this quote from a Soviet dissident, Andrei Sakharov:

“They want us to believe there’s no chance of success. But whether or not there’s hope for change is not the question. If you want to be a free person, you don’t stand up for human rights because it will work, but because it is right. We must continue living as decent people.”

Photo by Shayla Wallace

Photo by Shayla Wallace

You don’t play a game because winning is guaranteed. You play because the beauty of it is inside you and must be expressed. And that expression can’t really come to its fullest, without an opponent to square off against.

Feel grief, yes. And outrage, sure. But don’t yield to despair.

It is our privilege to be here, right now, in this time, invited to take part in this work.

Scale up. Speed up. But don’t give up.

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