Spring Things

On Thursday, April 12, we shared an update, via John Tschopp, of western toads mating, and invited people to share the things that signal spring to them.

Here’s what spring looks like, through our collective eyes!

  • Baby Stellar Jays – Diane Zaste
  • Hummingbirds come looking for your feeder – Tat7ush Peters
  • The song of the Varied thrush  (click here for sound recordings so you can identify this yourself) – Veronica Woodruff
  • Cluster flies – Ray Mason
  • Dandelions! – Donna Andrew
  • Turtles mating – Elaine Richard
  • The smell of cottonwoods – Al Cowan
  • Pacific Tree Frogs taking up residence in the back pond – Deanna Pilling
  • Peepers and skunk cabbage – Judith Hoilett
  • Action at the BMX track – Allison MacDonald
  • Lizards in a romantic tangle – Diane Zaste
  • A black bear running of with someone’s clubs – Diane Zaste


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