Provide your input on the region’s Trails Master Plan


The SLRD is in the process of updating the Pemberton Valley Recreational Trails Master Plan.

It’s a long-term strategy for recreational trail use in the Pemberton Valley, and is being updated to accommodate all the changes that have taken place in the region since 2009, including a new land use plan from the Lil’wat Nation and updates to both Pemberton’s and the SLRD’s official community plans. Not to mention a huge surge in trail use.

(See Joel Barde’s story in the Pique, April 5.)

Mission Statement: The Pemberton Valley Recreational Trails Master Plan will establish a clear vision for recreational trail use and development in the plan area, incorporating new land use information and best practices into a long-term strategy document that will guide trail use, maintenance, and development in the Pemberton Valley into the future as trail use and intensity grow, while working to mitigate trail conflicts.

Public Information Meetings have taken place in Pemberton and will take place in Mt Currie. 

All of the comments and suggestions received will be taken into consideration as the  Master Plan Update is drafted. That draft of the Master Plan will likely be available on the SLRD website by May 2018.

From now, until April 20, you can provide your feedback via this online survey.


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