These were the most read posts of the winter. Did you see them?

We’ve compiled a report of what’s been happening on the Wellness Almanac from January – March  – feel free to take a peek here: Wellness Almanac Q1 2018

We started the year with an acknowledgement to the original drafters of the Winds of Change’s healing vision, back in 2004, and a reminder that this is a team effort, and ended commemorating the anniversary of the Naskan Uxwal walk.

The content break-up on the website is a balance of:

  • news/events/what’s happening (32%);
  • opinion pieces, contributed by our fantastic line-up of contributors, as they explore topics like mental health, grief, racism, justice, kindness (53%);
  • photos that celebrate where we live (11%); and
  • seasonal observations (4%)

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 12.11.51 PM

Thank you to our contributors so far this year: Connie Sobchak, John Tschopp, Marilyn Marinus, Kat Weed, Dave Steers, Gary MartinAnna Lengstrand, Kat Ast, Dawn Hunter, Rachael Low, Tat7ush Peters, Victoria Saddleman, Sarinda Hoilett, Shayla Wallace, Christine Cogger, Janet Ouchterlony,  Dawn Johnson and Lisa Richardson,


and our instagrammers (above)L Sammy Losee, Lil’wat Public health Nurse Patty Bobb, Medical Lab Assistant Dawn Hunter, groomer Geoff Barnett, carver Ryan Scoular, firefighter and cook Lisa Graham-Knight, and cancer-survivor and photographer, Anastasia Chomlack,

Highlights we’d love to share with you, because these were the posts that enjoyed the most love:

which might offer the best, most compassionate, most rending insight into how to approach grief, that I’ve ever seen,

as well as:

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 11.32.42 AM

and posts from the archives that are still resonating out there:



If you’re inspired to share thoughts, stories, observations or photographs – as a regular contributor, a one-off, or a guest instagrammer for a week-long experiment, drop editor Lisa Richardson a note at



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