Happy International Women’s Day

I asked Anastasia Chomlack to do a takeover of our instagram because she’s an inordinately talented photographer who moved her family to Pemberton, she hosts all kinds of workshops and gatherings geared at empowering women, and she’s lived through her own health struggles, so I figured she’d have some insight into wellness.

I didn’t figure on her taking up the invitation and turning the takeover into a passion project or assignment, during which she would seek out inspiring women from our ‘hood and shoot their portraits. I’m so stunned and moved by the wholeheartedness she brought to our instagram account these past 2 weeks. And I can’t think of anymore more perfect to share today, on International Women’s Day, than these portraits.

Women's Series for Wellness ALmanac by Anastasia Chomlack

Every day, when one of these radiant women would pop up on my instagram feed, I’d think YES, of course, YES, she makes this place an amazing place to live.

I’d think: “oh, I love her! I’m so glad to know her!” and I’d read that person’s list of women who inspire her, and I’d start thinking about other people I know, and this little community seemed incredibly rich and wonderful.

And part of the reason Stace continued past the week that most of our takeovers last for, is that she hasn’t run out of amazing women. For every one here, are ten other fantastic human beings, who make me grateful that I make my home here, in this place, among this community.

As Stace said, with her first post: Empowered Women Empower Women.

Anastasia Chomlack

I love imagining this community as the complete opposite of a pyramid, a weird hierarchical structure, that is about climbing the ranks, and getting to the zenith, and having a bunch of people beneath your feet. Instead, to me, it’s a web, an ecosystem, a network of linkages. It’s so much more resilient. Every single person is a hub. Is at the centre of things. And at the edges and outskirts. Is important in ways that they probably can’t see to people throughout that web.

Inspired by this portrait series, Stace’s incredible act of service and love in shooting these photographs for our takeover, and International Women’s Day today, I invite you to celebrate by asking yourself: how can I let myself shine today? And is there some small thing I can do, that will lift another woman up?

Take a look back over the full takeover at https://www.instagram.com/thewellnessalmanac/

and maybe even take a moment to share this post, by tagging a few of the women in your life, who inspire you, lift you up, make you feel a little more radiant…


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