Challenge or Invitation: read a book by an indigenous author

Richard Wagamese’s incredible book, Indian Horse, is being made into a film. My book club read it. A lot of local book clubs read it. One friend said it was the only book that their group read that was rated a 10/10 by everyone.

I had the privilege of seeing Richard Wagamese tell stories at Mount Currie in October 2014 – I feel fortunate and heartbroken that more people won’t have that opportunity.

He wrote afterwards:

Everywhere I went in the coast mountains I was drummed and sang into schools and community halls. Thank you Pemberton, Mount Currie, Whistler and Squamish schools and communities for a memorable, empowering visit. I only hope I gave as much as I got!!!

Now that his book has been made into a film, the promotional team has launched a challenge and an invitation, to encourage people to complete some of the 150 recommendations that came out of the Reconciliation Commission’s report.


One, which plays to my personal biases, is to read a book, written by an indigenous author.

The Pemberton & District Library has a terrific collection.

If you take up the invitation, PLEASE let us know, and share a review/write-up/comment/photo with us. We’d love to re-energize the Wellness Reads bookshelf with some fresh recommendations.

If you’re keen to take this further, sign up for the #Next150 challenge at


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