Progress on the istken at the Ts’zil Learning Centre: a few photos to blow your mind

The Ts̓zil Learning Centre in Mount Currie provides excellent adult learning opportunities for the Líl̓wat Nation and neighbouring communities. The learning philosophy is based in Líl̓wat cultural renewal, holistic learning, and personal growth, Ts̓zil has been offering a variety of academic and vocational training opportunities out of a small collection of old ATCO trailers.

But not for much longer!

On December 13 2016, the federal government announced $7.21-million to fund a new facility.

Progress is well underway on the new Ts’zil Learning Centre facility, and thanks to Murphy Construction’s instagram account, and the generous permission of photographer Natalie Langmann, we have some photos of the istken space being constructed.


Murphy advises that the Istken space will be right at the front entrance of Ts’zil.

An Istken is a traditional dwelling of the Lil’wat people. Traditionally a hole was dug in the forest floor, and crossed tree branches were placed over the hole and filled with moss to form the roof. We are doing things a little different this time….

These images were taken during a tour hosted for a group from the Tz’sil Learning Centre and Capilano U on 2 February.


Jaws literally hit the floor when they walked into the Istken.


The view from the front steps of the building to the mountain Ts’zil, (commonly known as Mt Currie) is not too shabby, either.

view of tszil from tszil

So cool to see traditional knowledge honoured in a brand new centre for learning.

Photos by Natalie Langmann.



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