It’s January. What’s in season? What does it mean to eat in season, in the winter? Or simply to be in season?

It’s strange, to live in such a globalized, sanitized, commodified, convenient-ized world, that a person could conceivably not know what food is actually in season, in any given month.

Here’s a post I found, for January:

what's in season.png

I do not have the same amount of energy this time of year that I’d have at high noon in mid-July. And this is perfectly okay. It’s biologically adaptive. It’s how we’re wired. For me, this looks like long winter naps, moving slow, eating shortbread cookies/rich warm food, spending time with family, and appreciating the seemingly mundane landscapes of my childhood like this one ~ Kat Weed

embrace winter by Kat Weed

Photo by Kat Weed

Which, combined with a thoughtful solstice posts from Kat Weed about how she syncs in to embrace the long dark of December, inspired me to think about what else is in season, in January?

  • snowshoe adventures
  • puzzles
  • reading by the fire and calling it free time, not stolen time
  • cooking up some soup
  • ski days!

Of course, there’s also escaping to Mexico.

February nears. What have you got?

(Photos courtesy Dawn Hunter, Michelle Beks, Janet Ouchterlony, Lisa Richardson, Patty Bobb.)


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