It doesn’t do it justice, but…

A few years back, I was wasting time on social media, when a friend posted this message to all her friends:

Step away from the computer and take a look outside.

I followed her advice and witnessed a sunset that etched itself onto my mind’s gallery. Photos commemorated the sight but only the one in my head elicits the awe of it all.



That hasn’t stopped me from having my camera ready for another spectacular display though, and Tuesday morning, I kept glancing towards the east in hopes of a repeat of the colours arrayed there on Monday. Pale yellows lightened to white though and while it surely can never be a waste of time to witness a sunrise, this particular event did not win a spot in my gallery.

Just as I was putting my camera away, my niece called to tell me that there were two elk grazing in a field up the valley. I packed everything into the car, drove up into the meadows and there they were, chomping away on the late fall grass. The light wasn’t great, as the sun hadn’t reached the meadows yet but it was still a treat to watch these huge animals romp around as they did.

Elk by Connie Sobchak

Later, I told several people about the elk and was surprised by some reactions-there is only a small window of tolerance for discussions of animal sightings for certain people, it seems. Perhaps these are the same people who go catatonic when viewing vacation photos, for maybe they have galleries of images in their own heads, against which all other pictures will be lacklustre and frankly, lame.

Not even the crispest, most well composed, well exposed photo will stand up to the full experience of a sunrise or sunset or two elks in a field on a frosty morning but here’s hoping the portrayals will remind others to look up on occasion and add to the collection of images in their own heads.


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