Pemberton Christmas Bird Count

A flock of birders descended on Grimm’s Deli, Tuesday, December seventeenth to participate in Pemberton’s nineteenth Christmas Bird Count.  This tally of all species seen for the day provides valuable information for conservation biologists and citizen scientists; population distribution and trends for various species can be tracked over the years.  The participants in these counts … Continue reading Pemberton Christmas Bird Count

Opening Doors

Eventually, ultimately, sooner or later, I can be quite specific. Usually, customarily, more often than not, this seldom occurs when I am speaking. I’m not fast on the draw, on the uptake or on my feet for that matter. Also, if there’s a way to interpret a phrase figuratively, that’s the way my mind will construe it. So, when my … Continue reading Opening Doors


I’ve been meeting quite a few new folk around town lately, since joining a couple of clubs that have me socializing somewhat more than usual.  My running group affords me up to an hour and a half, sometimes more of visiting time and one of the questions many newcomers have for me is “so, how … Continue reading Changes