Crack Me Up: Connie Sobchak finds several signs that her sense of humour is in tact

There’s a billboard on the right just past the Lightfoot gas station in Lillooet and I enjoy chuckling at their latest message. Recently, the joke cracked me up good:


Earlier this summer, we drove around the streets of Chase in search of a used travel trailer. Eventually, we needed coffee and on the way to the coffee shop I had to jump out to snap a shot of this sign. My mind has been whirling ever since: What happened to the schnitzel and bratwurst eaters? How many people dine out daily in downtown Chase? (It was a large building; the streets were deserted.) What was really inside that building?

bavarian sign by Connie Sobchak

Later in the year, I discovered a very practical sign-  well, message really. Inside the outhouse at the boat launch on the north eastern end of Kinbasket Lake – fifty kilometres on a washboard gravel road outside of Valemount, someone had the foresight to hang a jerryrigged milk carton and stuff it with plastic bags so visitors would have someplace to deposit their inevitable garbage. What a great idea.

milk jug by connie sobchak

I’m still debating whether this sign is a joke or not:
It gave me a laugh, though.

no dogs by connie sobchak

Way back in the hills beside Bonaparte Lake, someone had a sense of humour. We had driven for at least an hour and passed no one. The road had deteriorated to barely manageable yet we were compelled to follow it – lured on by the sight of cabins on the lakeshore. As we sidled up the barely one lane hill in bull low, praying that there would be no oncoming vehicles, I noticed an official highways sign that read, “Slower Traffic Keep Right.” Later, near the cabins, the jokester had posted a few more signs.


Oddly, we saw no frill necked lizards.

circuit photo by connie sobchak

When I first saw this bit of graffiti, I thought it was funny and as graffiti goes, less defacing than some.

On reflection though and after seeing how this (or these) particular taggers got more destructive with other signs, my sense of humour was dampened until I was inspired to create a different kind of graffiti, enabled by modern technology. If reaching a wide audience with your creations is a goal of tagging then online posting of your creation could be worthwhile.



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