So the season shifts. Happy Fall Equinox.


Snow capping Mt Currie. Photo by David Ward

It is the astronomical beginning of the fall.

My four year old greeted it with enthusiasm. “It’s fall! Now we can jump in piles of leaves.” He advised that he is happy because it means winter is coming and that’s good because he was starting to get sick of summer. He’s happy when winter comes to an end, too, because it starts to wear thin, too.

So I am adopting his attitude.

A cosmic switch was flicked and just like that, the smoke disappeared, the rain arrived, and temperatures dropped about 15 degrees. I have to hustle in the late tomatoes before the first frost (it’s already come in the Upper Valley), and start the clean up chores. I assume I’ve had my last lake swim.

What will the next 90 days hold? Some traditions say it’s a time for celebrating harvest, for remembering the ancestors, to meditate on balance, to eat an apple or twenty, to have a fire. Some will be watching the sky and the snowline and hitting the gym. In past years, this was the time we invited community members to set themselves a 50 Day Wellness Challenge.

Or perhaps, the shifting calendar is simply an invitation to observe – time passing, seasons shifting, the cycle continuing – and be reminded that things are not as linear as we are taught to think.

Thank you to David Ward for sharing his photography with us today – a spring shot of Mt Currie that calls to mind transitions – the shifting, the cycling, the steadfast. Follow him at He is outrageously talented.

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