New Growth

The bright green new growth on the evergreen keeps calling out to me. It’s a three flowered bouquet of spring that is fragrant, delicate and pulsing with power. There is the power to add to the height and breadth of the tree as well as the power to draw me in for a closer look which then leads to an Internet romp that gets the neurons firing and adds to my growing collection of subjects requiring closer study.


It starts off like this: the tips of the new growth resemble flowers and have a spiral pattern to them which leads to an examination of the Fibonacci sequence followed by a foray into examining my hand for a spiral pattern, then regarding my brain for its propensity to avoid mathematical discussions while simultaneously being drawn into reading them then getting frustrated by my own ignorance. I begin to question whether the evergreen is actually a fir or a pine or a spruce and try to commit the difference to memory but get confused by conflicting images.

The Fibonacci sequence talks about spirals which prompts me to recall another observation for which I’ve yet to find a satisfying answer-why did we find several piles of empty snail shells in Crown Lake? Did the prevailing winds propel every empty shell into the northwest shore of the lake; do snails shed their shells like snakes shed their skins; was there a midnight feast for some very sated otter?

Learning new things is exhausting and it happens in fits and starts. My current book, Super Brain-Unleashing the explosive Power of Your Mind to Maximize Health, Happiness , and Spiritual Well-Being, tells me to “enthusiastically learn new things” so I try not to be defeated by research that offers more questions than answers.

Instead, I step back and just gaze at the three bright offerings at the end of the branch in the photo I’ve taken and ready myself for the next inspiration they promote.

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