Soul Seeds

Like a wildflowerslast hurrah scattering soul seeds. To Octobers wind and rain. To sleep in the cracksof winter's brokenness. Awaiting the warmthof springswild and free. @loisfay

Summer Solstice

IT IS TIME There comes a timesomewherein the midst of June. When Mother Earthshakes outher blanket of warmsweet existence. Whispering, it is time. Queue the rhythmicsounds of bees;busily pollinatingeverything in sight. And everythingis as it should be. Kúkwstum̓ckacw / Thank you for reading.


You’ve existed;immeasurably. In tandemwith the same airand the same watertrees feed off of. You're infinite;energy. Riding in tandemwith the same sunand the same moonin planetary orbit. Kúkwstum̓ckacw / Thank you for reading.

Waiting to Exhale

March sighs and stretches. Waiting to exhale. And paint the World with her bouquet of floral efflorescence. ☆ ☆ Spring has been queued and is in the yawn & stretch stage. Ready to paint our World with beautiful colours. Kúkwstum̓ckacw / Thank you for reading.

Múc and the Importance of Old Growth Forests

I've been thinking about the forests a lot lately. Since attending the opening ceremony for the "We Carry Our Ancestors" exhibit and hearing St'at'imc knowledge and experience from Dr. Lorna Williams. Then spending some quiet time at the exhibit, singing along to the berry picking song playing from a video. Hearing the words of Lorna, … Continue reading Múc and the Importance of Old Growth Forests