Revitalization of Plant Medicines and Foods

I found out about four or five years ago that I have hypothyroidism, meaning that I have an under active thyroid. Which isn’t really a serious condition, but it does impact my daily life. I was on Synthroid for a while but I haven’t been on it in a long time and I seemed to be doing fine. However, my symptoms have been showing up again lately. Including mood swings, fatigue (usually mid-day and causing me to nap), insomnia even when I get a good sleep and don’t have a nap mid-day, and muscle and joint pains.

I’ve decided that I want to try natural remedies, like eating a healthier diet, and trying plant medicines such as Devil’s Club. Which can be made into salve, tincture, or tea to treat a numberof ailments, including muscle aches, and might even be used for boosting energy?

My first fine China tea set

I want to learn more about St’at’imc Nation’s traditional diet and medicines so that we have am alternative for people who have the option or want an option. I think it’s so important to practice eating a traditional diet. The more we use the plants and bring awareness, the more value there is in preserving and revitalizing our Native plants and medicines. Plus it’s always fun and wonderful to go foraging in the woods for these foods too, or finding that they grow by your house. Tasting new foods and finding out that they have different and often times higher nutritional values than what we find in the store is really great too! In any case we find variety and excitement.

Wild ginger, also used as a tea

It’s important to be 100% sure when harvesting and using these plants and foods. So make sure you do your research or you’re learning from someone who has extensive knowledge of the subject.

If anyone has any tips or tricks for me I welcome any. Feel free to reach out to me on social media. If you know of any one willing to do plant walks too I would really appreciate that too and be willing to pay in whatever way is appropriate.

Tomorrow I might be going mushrooming for pine mushrooms which is another first for me! Stay tuned.


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