Mother’s Day bird visitations – grosbeaks, purple finch, pigeons, cowbirds

John Tschopp reports a busy bird feeder for Mother’s Day on the weekened

B 271

To see two kinds of Grosbeaks side by side, one has to come to Pemberton. The picture shows one Black headed Grosbeak, male, three Evening Grosbeaks, one male two females and a male Purple Finch. So much colour !

Tschopp admits to having a soft spot for the black headed Grosbeak. Black-headed Grosbeaks. They have been back in the valley for a little over a week now.

This fellow was sitting in the blossoms and I just couldn’t help it to take another picture.

B 263

B 283

Moments later 10 Band tailed Pigeons crowded onto the same feeder.

B 287

Brown headed Cowbirds don’t need a cow, a horse will do.

Photos courtesy John Tschopp

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