How about Best of Pemberton 2017 becomes best of Pemby and Mt Currie?

It’s taken me a few days to get to this post, because, as honoured as I am to  be called out in the Best of Pemberton issue in the Pique, it also makes me want to duck my head and disappear into a nice big hole in the ground.

But, when Cindy “too brilliant to be bitter” Filipenko let me know about the award, and asked me to share a few thoughts, I really wanted to call out all our amazing contributors. Because it is hard to put your words down on paper. And even harder to put them out there in the world for people to ignore, consider or criticize. I won’t be able to pay my bills if I don’t, so it’s a handy incentive. But these contributors do it all for free, for love, and I want to give them a big shout out there.

We have been posting to this site every single day for 4 years. Almost 1600 entries. It couldn’t have happened without them. (Or it would be a lot more boring.)

So, I’d like to reiterate my appreciation for Tanya Richman, Anna Helmer, Dawn Johnson, Connie Sobchak, Clare Hanbury, Shannon Didier, Sheldon Tetreault, Bruce Miller, Sarah Valentine, Janet Ouchterlony, Christine Cogger, Michelle Beks, Zoé Martin, Danielle Saul, Amica Antonelli, Kalmia Hockin, Laura Zgud and Evelyn Coggins, for their invaluable contributions – to my thinking, to my life, and to this project.

Also to our photographers who share their images so generously: Dave Steers, Gary Martin, Polek Rybczynski, Ruben Guibert, Victoria Saddleman, Shayla Wallace and Amie Leblanc.

To Randy Lincks, who allowed us to share his incredible images from the Blanket Ceremony.

And to the brave and wonderful instagrammers, who’ve taken over the Wellness Almanac instagram account so far this year, and posted about it:

There are a lot of people worth calling out, if we’re talking about the Media Arts Culture shapers in this valley.

We welcome you in this space.


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